Matrix-Q Travel Club

The Matrix-Q Travel Club

We provide a safe space for global citizens, responsible travelers, explorers, adventurers, travel researchers, travel-preneurs, lifestyle travelers, and people that love to travel and visit cultures and natural landscapes all over the world.  

Founded by lifestyle-travelers *, honors the spirit, language, and lifestyle of the oldest of human activities, the travel-culture. (* Continous travel, 5+, 10+ years)

As travel-preneurs, our mission is to innovate in new forms of impactful travel, aiming to create a positive and regenerative impact on nature, societies, and economies.

" Long life living abroad traveling " ~ LDMF


The Travelers Club Membership

  • Travel
    • Advise for travel destinations, travel projects, entrepreneurship abroad-traveling, impact projects abroad, and volunteer
    • Travel operators: Assistants for lifestyle travelers
    • Multidisciplinary archeology expeditions
    • Exploration and survival trips
  • Akademia
    • Survival, outdoors, forest, seam dune, mountain, snow
    • Holistic and multidisciplinary research
    • Holistic Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management
    • Sustainable development / Positive impact with minimum intervention
    • Travel operator school
  • Business
    • Business projects Incubator, accelerator, coaching, mentorship online
    • Multidisciplinary innovation Lab online
    • Local Hub, gatherings, network, local resources index
    • Vetting program, valuation of business projects, introduction to impact investors
    • Time-sensitive opportunities at the location
    • Futurist Prediction for local and regional business development, change, transitions
  • Human Capital
    • Recruiting
    • Human capital valuation reports, profiling
    • Matching of human capital with job positions, responsibilities, projects
    • Gamified training program, simulations, to validate competences: Assessment

Multiservices for every traveler's lifestyle

  • We provide tailor-made services, that match each travel lifestyle.
  • An Akademia for professional travelers, researchers, and explorers
  • Multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, culture and leisure programs, and travelers gatherings.
  • We feel the traveler's heart, aiming for continuous travel, living a lifestyle "on the road", this is why we also practice travel-preneurship and partner with investors, NGO's and companies, to enable opportunities and jobs for our members. 
  • We share valuable information for travelers, predict global events, provide advice, and give safety training to travelers.
  • Courses for volunteers, responsible travel, survival, and expeditions. The Matrix-Q Akademia provide certificates and license, a second professional education for travelers to create income streams on the road. 
  • We enable income streams, and passive income for lifestyle-travelers.
  • Our most experienced members share valuable information and wisdom
  • We publish from time to time travel reports and storytelling.  
  • We create and play hybrid-games (Online, on the road, board games, card-games, e-games, field games) and organize challenges and competitions, giving wonderful prizes.

" The travel is like breathing, it has no beginning and no end" ~ LDMF


The Matrix-Q Travel Club is the initiative of our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, as he spends several years living abroad and traveling, organizing private expeditions, research, and providing services as a consultant, coach, also supporting organizations and entrepreneurs with his services.

Luis has been living abroad and traveling since 1996/7, also at a young age (3-4) lived in Austria, and while living in Peru he constantly moved between locations. Luis has the heart of a traveler.

Between 1997-2003, his travel destinations will include Europe and SouthAmerika Southern Pacific Coast. He grounded the first travelers club in 1999, the Travelers-Culture International Association, an NGO dedicated to bringing together world citizens and engaging together in positive impact projects. 

We organized gatherings, events, volunteer programs and a radio program " Travelers on air"

The association got dormant in 2003 when he moved back to Europe, Switzerland, but the club did not. The Lifestyle Travelers club continued, in connection to a private stream of the "Travelers on air" radio, digital audio files shared with a circle of travelers still connected to Luis. 

In 2012 Luis was back on the road for long and decided to recruit assistants to work together in a business and travel project he had. The recruiting program brought him back to meet a number of lifestyle travelers and decided together to re-launch the travel club again. More than 260 lifestyle travelers tried to do the impossible, to coordinate efforts to make a living while living abroad traveling. 1.5 years after the project got discontinued, due to the need for a system that would bring business, travel, adventure, culture, and leisure together.

Between 2013-2016 Luis did organize a number of multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, some days, and others for months, in both Europe and Russia.

The Lifestyle Travelers Club now become a division of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, a system that supports travel-preneurs: entrepreneurs that live abroad traveling and are dedicated to creating a positive impact.

We also organize travel expeditions and leisure, travel and culture programs.

Culture & Leisure


Yearly we plan tours, to explore new locations, their culture, and natural landscapes.  Learn more


Multidisciplinary Archeology

Our founder leads expeditions to locations where nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations thrived. Luis shares with travelers about his research work and explores with them together the nature-inspired knowledge, technology and societies. Learn more

Positive Impact

Responsible travel

At the locations we arrive, we care about creating a positive impact. We may organize volunteer activities, presentations, and courses for local people, or develop collaborative projects with local NGOs, impact companies or government. Learn more

Travelers Gatherings

Meetups & Events

Organized in both, Rhenen (The Netherlands) at our HQ, and at the travel destinations we arrive. Learn more


Professional Travelers

& Travel-Preneurs

Living abroad and traveling, needs a different mindset, new skills, and resources.

The travel community internationally has its own rules, culture, and language.

To understand it, or at least be familiar with the perils, challenges, fun, and adventures of travelers, is a good idea, before starting any travel expedition.

The Matrix-Q Akademia for Travelers provides the following programs:

  • Volunteering abroad travel
  • Responsible Travel & SDGs
  • Safety abroad traveling
  • Travel operator license
  • Travel-preneurship 
  • Explorers & Survival 101
  • Lifestyle-Travel MindSet
  • Languages & Cultures of the World (Quick method for learning languages)
  • Culture Shocks & Burnout, work-life balance, and happiness on the road.

Luis, our founder, schedules also private sessions of coaching, and advice for new travelers.  Learn more