Travel Jobs

The Matrix-Q Travel Club is a member of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs. 

At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem start-ups, and well-established companies, join every year through the Matrix-Q Akademia, and the Matrix-Q Challenge (learn more...), meaning that we will have always new opportunities available at our JOBS BOARD and request for recruiting  (Matrix-Q Human Capital) 

As a traveler's club, we develop responsible travel projects that are self-sufficient, with positive impact business models. These projects are designed for travelers. If you are interested, please schedule an interview, to be informed about the current projects, and/or we will add you to our waiting list.

Not always do our projects match the destinations of our members. Therefore we have an agreement with the Matrix-Q Akademia to provide certificates and licenses to travelers that want to learn a new profession abroad, for example as trainers, coaches, designers, coders, or consultants.

At the Matrix-Q Akademia for travelers, experienced travelers and knowledge holders receive the opportunity to teach our students online and at the locations they arrive. 

Currently, we are recruiting TRAVEL OPERATORS, to monitor the journey of lifestyle travelers as trusted assistants online. Luis is writing an e-book with stories about the bond between a lifestyle traveler and a travel operator. Applicants can apply via gumroad or with the URL here for the first interview

We are also inviting experienced travelers living at wonderful travel destinations, and travelers that would like to stay longer at one location, to apply for the role of Matrix-Q Base-Camp / Travel Location Officer

Spontaneous applications are also welcome.

The Matrix-Q Travel Club is supporting travel-preneurship with a positive impact. Do you have a social or technology project that creates a positive impact on nature, societies, and economies? are you addressing global, social, or local pressing issues with your project? Are you starting your path as an innovation, impact, and purpose-driven entrepreneur or service-driven leader, then please contact us, we would like to support you in your journey.