The Netherlands

Travelers Gatherings

Our gatherings start and end with travel stories

We have organized gatherings that include workshops, essential information, and skills for travelers, or that focus only on sharing time together, camping, celebrating, or booking a nice venue. 

In some locations, like Peru, we brought together 100+ travelers from all around the world, and combined cultural information, performing arts, jam sessions, games, and a radio program streaming live  our event.

Each gathering is unique, it is all about the location and the people. We create together the adventure and the fun in it.

Due to covid-19, we have paused our gatherings abroad, but welcome travelers at our outdoor location, the Grebbeberg forest, and Blue Chamber reserve in the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands. and Open space, providing a safe encounter.

We experience that our location is appreciated, yet still unknown by the travelers' community, therefor we are glad to organize travelers' gatherings at our HQ from time to time.


Our HeadQuarters is located in the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands, a beautiful region filled with historical events, archeological sites, natural reserves, and a beautiful combination of forest, hills, lakes, and rivers to enjoy nature. The town has a museum and tours telling about the sights and history of the location. It is famous because of the Cunera Tower (Church), and the field of heroes of WW2 at the Grebbeberg Linne (forest). A location appreciated by kings, artists, and entrepreneurs. It has been a hub for trade, commerce,e and pilgrims in the middle age. Next to the Rhine river.



  • Schedule time with us for a visit. 
  • Travelers visit us every month, we enjoy spending time together, sharing travel stories, and plan adventures together. 
  • It is also a good opportunity for you to meet our founder, and get familiar with the Matrix-Q Travel Club
  • We may also organize a party, or a gathering, some workshops, and activities when a few travelers or many decide to meet together at a point in time.


Destinations in the Netherlands & Benelux

Luis lives in the Netherlands since 2016. He dedicated 2 intensive years (Sabbatical) to writing new publications, ebooks, and research documentation, from his previous expeditions between 2012-2016.

He grounded in the Netherlands the Matrix-Q Research Institute, aiming to gather a multidisciplinary circle of researchers, leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, for them together to build a new ecosystem dedicated to creating a positive impact on the world. Between 2018 and 2020 Luis did focus on the development of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem and its first start-ups. In 2020-2022 pivoting the impact of the pandemic, Luis stayed in the Netherlands, and travel expeditions were canceled.

From 2022 on Luis will be on the road again for explorations of a few days to locations in Benelux.

Starting at his actual headquarters in the Netherlands, the city of Rhenen, a location with ancient history, and of great heritage value, for both culture and nature. Luis will schedule private tours, including special training to unique destinations, and traveler's gatherings.