Positive Impact

Positive Impact

Lifestyle-travelers witness changes in our planet, how nature has been negatively affected by human activity; as well inequalities all around the world. As global citizens, we do not endorse one or another nation, yet experience humanity's unity, as one single species, there for all brothers and sisters coming from the same family. In this context, the Matrix-Q Travel Club has created a division for members that are dedicated to create a positive impact while living abroad and traveling. 

" Solving the human variable of the sustainable development equation, one location at the time ” – LDMF

Travel, culture, leisure, and impact
The next generation of responsible travelers bridge the impact-skills gap
Travel is still, and will be, the way to connect and learn about the world.

MISION “How do we travel?”

Our mission is to innovate in new forms of impactful travel, aiming to create a positive and regenerative impact on nature, societies, and economies.


The travel footprint has proved to be both, positive and negative.
Our mission is to compensate at locations, create collaboration bridges and contribute to the locations and people we visit, and create meaningful and impactful relationships

Travel is today not only a question about where, or why, but how and which impact we create in the world together


  • Contact us, to schedule an interview online.
  • We will look together at your experience and knowledge
  • If necessary provide you with complementary training before we assign you a mission
  • According to your travel plan, we suggest activities, and targets.
  • It doesn't have to be a full-time mission, you can choose the % of the time at the location you want to dedicate to the assignment.
  • It may be paid or not. Sometimes we do because is necessary, in circumstances in which there is no business model or compensation possible.
  • Where to start? Schedule time with us now.