e-Book: The Operator

The Matrix-Q e-Library of Travel-Adventures

" The Operator and the adventures of Ioras, the Lifestyle-Traveler "

e-Book By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Written on-the-go

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Is a book of short or long or quantum fantastic stories, taken from real events that took place on the road, between 1996 and 2022.

The travel operator is an online assistant, caring for the timeline of the lifestyle traveler, a trusted assistant that monitors the journey, being sure the traveler arrived on time and safe to its next destination, or gives assistance online in the most impossible situations, supporting the lifestyle traveler to fulfill his/her destiny: long life living abroad traveling.

The Operator is the story of Iroas, a lifestyle traveler, that was certainly the only way to travel safe, find a safe haven everywhere you go, and be rescued in any situation, is to have a professional operator to care for the map, the entries and pathways out, from challenging, unpredictable, uncontrollable, complex, ambiguous and changing situations the traveler will find on the road.

All the roads lead to Rome, but there is a unique road for you!

A travel book of adventure, love for freedom, and human encounters; about a relationship long distance, a bond, that will bring two people together, being there for each other, under the most challenging circumstances. Lessons learned with the most ancient teacher being alive: Life itself!