I organize travel services

Made by travelers for travelers

We are a multinational community of travelers-entrepreneurs 

We create together travel activities dedicated to business, leisure, and lifestyle.

The membership includes personalized (tailor-made) travel programs dedicated to tourism, leisure, adventure, education, culture, arts, creativity, personal growth, multidisciplinary innovation,  research, business, investment,  family, responsible travel, and volunteering for positive impulse causes

Our Culture

Travel is an ancient activity natural to the human species. 

Travelers today belong to another culture, of global citizens, with their own language, traits, customs, and behavior. Yet with non-geographical limits to its territory.

We believe that travelers are a human-collective organism that connects cultures, nations, and people, it creates harmony, and balance, and inspire local people to explore new view and alternatives. 

" The travel is like breathing, it has no beginning and no end " ~ LDMF

Our Values

  • Travelers share their experience, knowledge, and skills to collaborate at each location they arrive at with a positive impulse for the following 9+ generations.
  • At location and while living abroad and traveling we care for nature and contribute to the local economy.
  • We believe that knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship are drivers of positive change.
  • We collaborate with the natural development of a local culture, and with the acceleration of a transition to a globally advanced sustainable civilization in peace.
  • We aim for an innovation-driven, purpose-driven, and human-rights-driven society.
  • We are an inclusive organization, we welcome diversity and inspire co-creativity and equity. 
  • We utilize nature and human-inspired innovation and technology: Human-inclusive technology and data-driven tools that are dependent on human consciousness, competencies, and skills that A.I. and automation can not displace. 


  • The Matrix-Q Traveler's Club is a division of the Matrix-Q Investors-Entrepreneur's Club
  • Our members are innovators, talents, leaders, influencers, investors and entrepreneurs that identify themselves as travelers and find in the activities of traveling their preferred lifestyle.
  • We utilize a membership system the Matrix-Q Wallet. The membership fees top-up a member's digital wallet, and the local currency converts into travel units (our own traveler's currency) the member can use later to trade for any service available on demand. 
  • For example, a member may start with a membership fee of 36,00 EUR, and convert it into 4 Travel-units. Then use 1x travel unit for an e-learning program, two months later 1x travel unit for a travel service provided by an associated partner, and 4 months later 2 x travel units to attend a gathering organized by our club at the location.  With this system, our members have total control of their travel budget, membership benefits, and flexibility to choose at any time the travel services and activities they prefer.
  • We provide tailor-made programs for solo-travelers, duo-travelers, family-travelers, and travel-teams.

Gamified Travel Challenges

  • The Matrix-Q Travel Club membership has been gamified in the form of a traveler's challenge
  • With the membership, our members receive a tailor-made program, which includes services and challenges, missions, projects, tasks, or activities they prefer
  • Our members can choose from a wider list of activities: tourism, leisure, adventure, education, culture, arts, creativity, personal growth, multidisciplinary innovation, research, business, investment, family, singles, responsible travel, and volunteering for positive impulse causes
  • By completing the challenge, our members receive rewards, and prizes, that may include travel units to top up their Matrix-Q travel wallets, membership extensions, e-learning programs, vouchers for travel services, time with a travel coach or mentor, tickets to participate in travel gatherings, expeditions or camps, batches, merchandise, play-time (online, traveling or at location games), invitations to participate in competitions, podcast interviews, and for the most entrepreneurial even cash, and time-sensitive business opportunities
  • For example, a new member that would like only to spend time as a tourist for a few days would receive a challenge to take some pictures and write some passages, and insights, into the travel experience.
  • Or for independent travelers, our challenges may include writing useful travel reports
  • Traveler entrepreneurs may be challenged to achieve some milestones or targets in their own business
  • Lifestyle travelers, travelers that live abroad for more than 5 continuous years, may receive the challenge
  • Travelers may also take a volunteering challenge of a few hours or days at any location they arrive
  • Or the challenge to meet local people, and explore local culture and activities with them.
  • As our memberships have been gamified, the Matrix-Q Challenge Webshop provides the registration and membership fee payments for our members.

" Your travel lifestyle is unique, as you are, and so is your membership. Your uniqueness is the solution to a challenge we are about to discover abroad traveling. It is time to unveil the benefits of your Matrix-Q Travel Membership" ~ LDMF



The Matrix-Q Travel-Entrepreneur Challenge is designed for you to acquire the knowledge, tools, skills, mindset, vision, and resources necessary for your travel adventure.

If you want to start up your own business or join an online start-up or company in our ecosystem


Play Matrix-Q Travel Club Games, and earn points, rewards, prizes, and vouchers for travel services.

Level up your game to earn cash with challenges.

Play solo, as a team, or community.  Play travel games that bring the traveler's community together.

We play hybrid games, combining technology with traditional field and outdoor games: games to play on the road, role play, missions, challenges, positive impulse projects, card games, board games, strategy games, e-games, outdoor games, and much more.


Explore, discover, experience

Try out a membership program

Taste in order to know


Are you an aspiring traveler-entrepreneur

Is your dream to live a nomadic/traveler lifestyle

This membership is your


Focus, target and goal oriented

You conquer the world by your own


Share the membership benefits with your family

Your individual membership is also an extended family membership

9+ Consanguinity Kinship Level, sharing common ancestors, by marriage bond, or legacy children up to 9+ levels of the family tree


Duo, Trio, Quadriga, or Team of travelers

One membership for all of them together and individually

(*) Optional, share the membership benefits with their families


You are a traveler by heart and timeline

You are now living abroad or in your hometown

This membership is for you


You are a company or non-profit organization providing services to travelers, or participating in the development of the travel industry


Your focus is learning while living abroad and traveling

From survival to outdoors expeditions, exploration, volunteering, vocational programs, mentorship, coaching, responsible travel, travel services, travel operator program, innovation, research, entrepreneurship, or investment


You are an experienced nomad or traveler as a lifestyle

You are creative and skilful to collaborate with the development of Matrix-Q Travel Club Games & Challenges